Who are you? 

What is all this about? 

These are the two most common questions I am getting lately. So let me answer you right away.

I'm Umberto, a Senior Surveyor and Data Processor with 7 years of experience.

In the course of these years offshore I have developed the passion to teach others my tips and tricks to make my job smarter and easier.

So I decided to start writing everything online to maximize the possibilities to help any surveyor I can. This is how Smartest Surveyors is born.

What do I want to achieve here?

Share my Experiences

We all have been on jobs with lots of problems.

I hope that sharing wh1at I have been through may help you avoid some struggle.

Share my Knowledge

I believe that anyone can learn from any people he/she meets on his path.

That person may be me teaching you my tips. You may save some time on your next job just by reading a couple of posts.

Discover new Tools

Put my hands on new softwares and try them out to see if they will be ever really useful once you are on a boat in the middle of the sea.

Create a Community

I would love to be able to gather not only my experiences, but those of all the surveyors out there that are willing to share them.

Together we can become unstoppable.

Curious to understand what I do here?

Here you can find some of my latest posts.

Oceanology International Failure

Why Oceanology International 2020 has failed?

We all know that this year has been tough due to the

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3 Navimodel tool to ease the MBES data processing

3 Navimodel tools that can simplify a Data Processor’ s life

As a Data Processor I love EIVA Navimodel, since some Navimodel tools

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PPS Cover

PPS: Why if you forget to use it you can mess up a whole survey?

Let’s get this straight. Our job can sometimes be really easy. When?

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About Me.

Mighty Surveyor and Data Processor when on duty, loving husband and dad when I'm home.

Seven years of experience and 34 jobs completed without any remarks.
Up to now, I have worked always for the same company (even though they lent me to some competitor from time to time).

I have performed almost every kind of job in this industry, from small to big ones; from Environmental to Geophysical, to Positioning to Tug Management.
Love MBES surveys but I do whatever is needed when needed.

Working in a small company let me become skilled both on the online side (EIVA and QINSy) and the offline one (EIVA, QINSy, SonarWiz, GlobalMapper, AutoCAD).

Even though I have worked for the same company since the start it doesn't mean I'm not open to new adventures.
But they have to be worth it.

Curious by nature. In love with problem-solving and learning new software and methodologies.
I believe in mutual loyalty and one of my prerogatives is to keep my word. Always.

If You want see more on my work experience check my LinkedIn profile

Sharing my Experience.

The offshore world is still a closed environment where a specific information in hard to find.

I want to change that. One step at a time.

What Clients said about me

Siva Kopalli

Survey Party Chief on S3000

Umberto has proven to be an asset to the survey team and recommended to Senior position.

Adeline Crosnier

Lead Operation Marine Engineer at SAIPEM

The technical competence of the Senior (Umberto) let us avoid a downtime and achieve the result without issues.

I’d love to know about what matters to you.

Any problem you are facing or subject you would like to see discussed in depth here? Send me a message.

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