We are Surveyors. (Manifesto)

Surveyors are sea loversNavigators,  Survey Engineers, Data Processors, GEOs, Party Chiefs, Report Coordinators; anyone who is drawn to seek for the highest precision in the hardest environments for the sole pleasure of seeing a high tech project take place thanks to his/her contribute, and does it ahead of profit.

Despite this, I have seen too often different parts of a team argue over the way of execution of a project.

And I bet you did too.

I heard Online Surveyors say “Data Processors will solve that” without thinking that a single small change in the acquisition could save hours and hours of work to a Processor.

I heard Data Processor ask “But why didn’t you do that?!?!” without thinking that sometimes things don’t go as per plan and the Online team has to improvise and jump through several hoops to reach the result that seemed so easy on paper.

But this isn’t the way it should be.

  • Online or Offline doesn’t matter.
  • Freelance or Employed doesn’t matter
  • Contractor or Client doesn’t matter.

When we are on the same boat we are ONE BIG TEAM moving towards a common goal.

May it be the end of a campaign or the start of it...

May it be a Geophysical Survey or an easy positioning job...

May it be a heavy equipped Environmental Survey on a huge survey vessel or a simple MBES Acquisition on a tiny rubber boat...

...we move together towards the same goal.

When we are on the same boat we overcome fear of the new to pursue
the same objective.

And I’m here to ask you to do the same now.

I'm asking you to aim for a the same target every Surveyor should have: become the Smartest Surveyor he/she could possibly be and, once reached that point, aim even higher.

Have you ever heard this saying:

Try never to be the smartest person in the room. And if you are I suggest you invite smarter people... or find a different room. 

Michael Dell

I always tried to make it true, that’s why I created SmartestSurveyors.com:

  1. To share my knowledge with those who may need it
  2. To be able to attract other Surveyors to share their knowledge 

I strongly believe that anyone can learn from any person he/she meets on his/her path.  That person may be me, teaching you something today, and vice versa tomorrow.

My mission is  to make You become the better smarter surveyor you could be.

I dream to help you be the hero to your clients and collegues.

If this resonates with you, stick around.

So glad you’ve stopped by. It means the world.

Take a ride around the blog. Reach out and say “Hey!” anytime. I read all the messages and emails (shocker, I know!).