Oceanology International Failure

Why Oceanology International 2020 has failed?

We all know that this year has been tough due to the Corona Virus breakout.Fewer Jobs. Some closed earlier, some not even started.Less opportunity. Not all contractors wanted to pay people for the

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3 Navimodel tool to ease the MBES data processing

3 Navimodel tools that can simplify a Data Processor’ s life

As a Data Processor I love EIVA Navimodel, since some Navimodel tools and utilities helped me save hours and hours of work. I have always said it to any person I worked with

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PPS Cover

PPS: Why if you forget to use it you can mess up a whole survey?

Let’s get this straight. Our job can sometimes be really easy. When? Well… imagine a positioning job on a dive support vessel where you don’t even have to record videos. Easy Peasy, isn’t

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Mru placement dilemma

Placing the MRU, one of the most delicate (and forgotten) parts of Mobilization planning

I have seen it way too often. Mobilization plans detailed up to the centimeter of welding needed and the minutes of crane utilization. But do you know what I have seen often too?

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Elevation Mask Cover

Elevation Mask – The Surveyors’ Solution to some (but not all) DGPS problems

In the last few years in the training world the buzz around the Elevation Training Mask went sky high. And it was simply a mask that reduced your oxygen intake. But they claimed

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